Every pieceHome uses a simple palate of green materials, energy efficient technologies, and sustainable construction practices. We are working cooperatively with passionate companies who specialize in providing these technologies and materials. We will guide you through the process of incorporating all these elements into your pieceHome.

Another key aspect to building green is the placement the house on it's site so that the house can take advantage of it's natural surrounding. pH architects will provide services to locate your house to effectively take advantage of solar orientation, prevailing winds, local views and privacy issues.

Clients will be in control of the certification process; you can choose to be certified at any level of LEED or, if you're building in California, you can be certified by Build it Green.


Build It Green

Energy Star

Green Features of pieceHomes
- Factory Built
- Energy efficient house built with SIPS, or conventional framing with spray-in plant based foam insulation that make a house air-tight and extremely well insulated.
- On-demand water heater (more energy efficient)
- Radiant heat
- Natural light
- Natural ventilation
- Passive solar
- Green finishes & materials used throughout
- Cork or bamboo floors
- No/low VOC finishes and paint
- Formaldehyde free cabinetry
- EcoTop countertops
- Recycled rubber+cork bathroom floors
- Corrugated steel exterior cladding, high recycled content
- Cementitious panel cladding
- Wood cladding from managed forests
- Water efficient fixtures; dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, etc.
- Energy Star appliances

Optional Green Features:
- Whole house water filter
- Photo-Voltaic solar panels
- Solar hot water
- Green roof

Green Features of Factory Building
- houses have smaller carbon footprint due to the overall reduction in use of fuel to transport building materials to the factory and employees to the factory.
- factory building creates less waste than on-site building. ie lumber scraps can be saved for use on future projects.
- what scraps cannot be used are burned to create electricity.
- purchases lumber directly from mills who own well-managed forests. This lumber is equivalent to FSC lumber but since it is purchased directly there is no need for certification since the Chain of Custody does not need to be tracked in order to verify the state forests from where the lumber came.
- engineered wood products, which use less lumber than equivalent traditional products, are used in all houses built in factory: SIPS, OSB decking and cladding (from Canada, fabricated to higher Canadian environmental standards), "Open Joist" floor and ceiling systems.
- low and No VOC adhesives used on all houses.
- building in a factory makes a healthier home; ie no exposure to the elements during construction means no mold in the framing.
- overall controlled environment of the factory means a higher quality home.
- factory is sustainably run: an employee owned company providing stability and benefits within the construction industry; an industry where workers often work job-to-job or as day laborers.

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Solar panels provide all the electricity for pH: Prototype.